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Frommer's Review

3 Sep

Frommer’s Review

Situated in Panjim’s historic Fontainhas district, these are the only authentically Goan guesthouses in Panjim. Retired engineer Ajit Sukhija and his son Jack provide warm Goan hospitality, regaling you with local history while proudly pointing out family photographs. The best option is the recently opened Panjim People’s, a four-room heritage hotel (until recently a prominent local school) with spacious rooms and modern bathrooms; ask for the room in which Ajit’s mother’s lovely rosewood four-poster bed is the centerpiece. There’s nothing particularly luxurious about the restored colonial-era Hindu Pousada, but it offers a taste of Panjim’s 19th-century upper-class lifestyle (along with hot water). The simple rooms are furnished with antiques (including four-poster beds) arranged around an empty courtyard. Windows and balconies look onto the back streets and backyards of Panjim’s old “Latin Quarter.” The Pousada’s older Catholic sister, Panjim Inn, is located on an old family property dating back to 1880; as with the Pousada, rooms vary in size and price, so it’s best to look around before deciding. You can also browse the latest offering, Gallery Geetanjali, which showcases up-and-coming artists.

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