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Gallery Gitanjali

In-house to the WelcomHeritage Panjim Inn, the WelcomHeritage Panjim Pousada and the WelcomHeritage  Panjim People’s; original work by Local and Overseas artists sprawl over the entire premises. They spread across corridors and public areas and extend to Guest Rooms. A striking display area is the Chowk of the Pousada where paintings are hung across the white walls of the Internal Courtyard circling the Tulus. The brown terracotta double tiles of the Verandah Roof, the granite mosaic floor and a curious mix of artificial and natural light filtering through the open “Chowk” has a surreal and eclectic effect on the Art on display.

Painters on exhibit include VamonaNavelcar, Mohan Naik, SuhasShilker, Praveen Naik, Sadguru and VeenitaChendvankar, Sonia Rodrigues Sabharwhal, Francis D’Souza, JayashreePatankar, Dietrich Kerky, ShriShail , Rafael Arya and known Gond & Bhil artists. They have won Acclaim Locally and some are well known overseas, having had successful shows abroad as well. Work at the Gallery is diverse including abstract and realistic in colour and oil, including collages and landscapes.

The gallery also exhibits a large collection of Scandinavian art from the 50’s to the 90’s including lithographs, serigraphs, linocuts, woodcuts and etchings .

Over the years the gallery has evolved into a central cultural space, offering an alternative art studio, a cafe and a conference / workshop venue. Gallery Gitanjali hosts several events and workshops throughout the year, including art history and film appreciation courses, book & poetry readings, book launches, art and theatre workshops, art performances, as well as talks on conservation and environmental concerns.

The ‘Aangan’ at the ‘Pousada’ offers an alternative art studio, where art workshops and courses are conducted.

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