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26 Apr

Run around the globe – India, Goa, India is very Survey articles

About / work / ground / ball / run - very India Goa, India Introduction chapter
↑ Goa Se church is the largest Catholic church in the whole of India, witnessed 400 years of history and cultural evolution of the Portuguese colonial period for Goa representative landmarks. (Huang as photo)
About / work / ground / ball / run - very India Goa, India Introduction chapter
↑ Panjim Inn old house into the hotel, let travelers experience building and residential space Portuguese colonial era. (Huang as photo)
About / work / ground / ball / run - very India Goa, India Introduction chapter
↑ Panjim Inn Goa is the owner of Jack’s ace tour member, he will personally take guests to walk way roaming Pa Naji old town. (Huang as photo)
About / work / ground / ball / run - very India Goa, India Introduction chapter
↑ In Pa Naji streets and alleys, you can feel the Portuguese cultural atmosphere.(Huang as photo)
About / work / ground / ball / run - very India Goa, India Introduction chapter
↑ Goa Catholics account for about half of the mainstream Hindu India is considered a very special provinces. (Huang as photo)
About / work / ground / ball / run - very India Goa, India Introduction chapter
↑ This is the first inter-Pa Naji English school, now turned into the gallery on the first floor, the second floor is the hotel. (Huang as photo)
About / work / ground / ball / run - very India Goa, India Introduction chapter
↑ Goa coast casual style presentation Indian atmosphere, attracting many foreigners, locals come here on vacation. (Huang as photo)
About / work / ground / ball / run - very India Goa, India Introduction chapter
↑ by bus is definitely the best way to experience the Indian style, as well as low cost lively Bollywood music you can listen to. (Huang as photo)

India is not only the Taj Mahal and Bollywood, India India is very praise it as a way to India? To Goa, will easily fall in love with India.

When in Goa, India Tourism Bureau has invited me to see their beautiful beaches and clear blue ocean, I was hesitant because of the sun, sand, sea, Taiwan will have, besides the development of the Southeast Asian island is perfect. But she says the end of the invitation: Come and experience far India India. This sentence opens my curiosity, after all, I was not so crazy India, India India may not make me fall in love with India.

From out of Goa (GOA) lovely and clean airport, I found: There is very India!How no one wanted me to take on and surrounded his car, live in his hotel, he participated in the trip, and no one rushing to bring my luggage in an attempt to earn a tip. All well-organized so I thought I was on the wrong plane, went to Malaysia’s Sabah airport.

Go catch the car capital of Pa Naji (Panaji), the situation quiet people feel incredible, much less the size of the Indian city of necessary horns on the road, they still exist, but about one-tenth less.

A Guanguang in fruit industry for 20 years Avinash said: “Goa is quite high in India Shenghuoshuiping province, though small in size, but it has the potential of tourism, is very fond of foreign tourists destination over 70% of people and are engaged in tourism-related industries. ”

Located in the west of India, near the Arabian Sea Goa province renowned in Europe, because a lot of seventies hippie beach life here. Hippie culture created a yearning for freedom of travelers to this long holiday, after hippie gone, the coastline has been more and more resorts, Europeans have come to enjoy the sun and sand cheap, five-year Goa is Russia the most popular tourist destinations in India.

In Mumbai Russian girl Ekaterina work said: “The Russian winter is very long, so people like to go to a warm place to vacation, inexpensive Goa naturally sprung up everywhere.” Thus in bar of Baga beach crowded with Russians.

Explore Portugal stroll Pa Naji style

Although the famous beach parties, a strong electronic music, but Goa attracts me is left behind when the Portuguese colonial architecture and culture. Features Panjim Inn hotel opened in Pa Naji boss Jack is a heritage association, he said: “Pana Ji is very suitable for walking town, this colonial Portuguese in 400 years, making it a distinct Latin atmosphere.”

Under Jack lead the way through the white Catholic Church, turned into the lined red yellow blue staggered blocks around into the past, customs port, climbed a small hill watching a tile covered with old houses, its situation is like a stroll in the town of Portugal.

Jack noted that Goa from Portuguese rule in 1498, is the city of the Portuguese spice route, then Goa and even the East Roman said, is an important focus of the Portuguese maritime empire. Jack loves monuments and culture but also his own parents up to 130 years old house converted into a hotel to share with travelers, so that visitors can have a family living in the story room, Jack said: “All of our furniture is the Portuguese colonial period each room beds are not the same length. ”

Jack elegant building is home across town Pa Naji first among English school, Jack is also currently re-planning this space, the first floor is a gallery, the second floor of the inn, European and Asian aesthetics of life in this intersection. Jack said: “I am the fifth generation of the family who, Goa in India is that special interleaving the Portuguese culture, Muslim culture and Indian culture, his degree of integration and diversity are rarely seen elsewhere. ”

Marketplace wonderful cultural diversity

Another focal point is the culture of Goa’s rich cultural bazaar, Wednesday is the Anjuna market to flea market-oriented; at Mapusa Friday there is a large market, many vendors from all over the influx of traffic in the fruits and vegetables, food, spices, clothing , cheap, is a good place to purchase; Saturday Anjore big night market, free food packages to buy, plus the night market near the nightclub area, is the focus of nightlife in Goa.

Nikhil Desai Goa Tourism Director, said: “The market is actually affect the hippie culture brings, when they barter, it will pick a day of the week, we put up for sale or exchange of second-hand things, so that we can the lowest consumption through life. Although the hippie culture has been declining, but the market is having a vitality and characteristics of the ground. ”

Goa is India’s diversity also makes him fight sightseeing most active provinces, held each spring Goa Travel Fair (GITM) is India’s most indicative exhibition attracted hundreds of tour operators and media to observe, Nikhil Desai noted that although Goa is India’s smallest area, only 3702 square kilometers (about one-tenth of Taiwan), but to attract tourists is the most diverse, sightseeing service is also the most international.

A stroll in the Old City of Goa began to develop, walk to India’s largest Catholic church Se side, into the 400-year-old infant Jesus Church, beside mingled say Spanish, Russian, German and English tourists Goa, India is really very, like a global village.

■ Goa tourism INDEX

★ route: Taiwan has no direct flight Goa, India, tourists can take a China Airlines to Delhi, sub Domestic flight to Goa, or take the Jet Airways (Jet Airways) in Hong Kong to Delhi or Mumbai, then transfer to Goa . Bombay to Goa for about one hour.

★ Visa: online application for an Indian visa fee 1300 yuan, internet details or call: 02-27576113 turn 16 or 17,

★ Language: English very passage.

★ Climate: October to next March is the dry season, the most comfortable climate. April to May hot, June to September is the rainy season, but the cheapest hotel. At the moment the temperature is about 28-35 degrees, sooner or later comfortable.

★ Exchange Rates and Consumption: The monetary unit is Rs 1 crore approximately NT $ 0.5 yuan, low prices, 500cc cola about NT $ 15, bus 1 km about NT $ 1.

★ Consulting Website: Goa Tourism

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