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26 Apr

Food taste good fun articles in Goa

↑ Edia chef led cooking class teaching is very solid, non-playing house style and no substance. (Huang as photo)
↑ The Verandah Restauran of Portuguese desserts Serradura, is the owner’s mother down recipes colonial period. (Huang as photo)
↑ a fish curry, then a bowl of rice cake is a typical meal in Goa, but seemingly unusual fish curry is rich in flavor and taste that is not monotonous. (Huang as photo)
↑ vegetable market to buy sea bream Alila spice kitchen after processing, as one of more than NT $ 500 food, ingredients cost him only $ 50. (Huang as photo)

For the majority of the people of Taiwan not dare to try Indian street vendors, the taste is the best way to India to the hotel for dinner, Goa is famous for pluralism in the hotel dining and price parity, the hotel dining very competitive in Goa. (Such as Huang)

Boutique hotel group Alila (Alila) was on the march in recent years Goa, the hotel manager Sanheen said: “Goa is not only foreigners like Indians love, where India has become a wedding destination, as long as we do not have a nice room, and more have a good taste. “stay at hotel in Goa, Goa taste some Indian flavor.

Goa cheap and fresh fish curry

Unlike in Bali Alila always located in inaccessible Fam, Goa in Majorda Alila village, a hotel door is in the land of small restaurants, shops, churches, and in the local community frequent interaction, it is easy with the tenant contacts the ground, rather than fully isolated from the real world.Responsible for the hotel event planning manager Bosco said: “We want to understand the true Indian travelers, the real Goa, we are encouraged and contact with local people, rather than the hotel into an impregnable castle, visitors in addition to the hotel stay, play pool , eat a big meal, Goa is not know. “for the most vigorous Goa presented in front of tourists, Alila market purchasing trip (Catch the Fresh) let an eye-opener.

Alila chef Edia said: “Food is the greatest charm of Goa, Goa fish curry is a favorite of many Indians, but cheap and fresh seafood and more people hooked.” One Sunday morning, Bosco on Take me away to the hotel about 15 minutes drive from Margao market to buy seafood, walked into a crowded fish market. Unlike Taiwan, fish is often one or a one to sell, there is often a 5-10, even piles of selling, Bosco said: “India’s large population and family, no one will buy only one or two fish fish. ”

Plump bass, halibut, sea bream with fresh eyes, to attract buyers, and all kinds of weird fish is lying on the platform, we circle around immediately spectrophotometry. Bosco noted Goa fish curry is the most common fish pomfret and mackerel, two fish meat is very thin, but not too old to cook, cook curry best. To spend time in the evening cooking class ingredients, I bought a seafood servings (one person really difficult to buy): two cheeks big snapper, two three crabs, two large palm pomfret, spent a total of only the NT $ 130 yuan, incredibly cheap.

Experience spices kitchen cooking lessons

After learning how you have to buy into the kitchen cooking vegetables Goa, Alila kitchen spices (Spice Studio) is to teach visitors to the hotel chef to cook. Unlike Southeast Asia, most upscale hotels only form of cooking classroom, so easy to experience the ladies look like, Alila Goa classroom is really cooking in the hotel’s kitchen were, not tourists begin to cook before, how hot it felt chefs working environment really is oil to the fire to go.

This is what I had the most authentic cooking lesson, from killing the fish, preparation begins. Edia said: “India has its own provincial curry flavor, Goa because more seafood, coconut and more, so the fish curry especially famous, and we will add the coconut milk, the flavor is unique.” I saw him a skilled fennel, cloves, ginger , turmeric powder, cinnamon, onions, peppers all mashed with fried soft onions, tomatoes and spices and stir, then add water and simmer in coconut milk, curry flavor blowing the nose hit, and then into the sea bream fillets cook a little bit, that is Goa fish curry. Edia said: “Although there are as curry with coconut milk, but our taste than Thai richer, more choking.”

Portuguese style restaurant dessert tasted old grandmother

In addition to feelings of Goa cuisine at the resort’s kitchen the following manner, Pa Naji town in Portugal you can type in the old house, staggered feel Portuguese Indian flavor. Panjim Inn located in the second floor of the restaurant The Verandah Restaurant, the atmosphere on both Portugal and Goa flavor, manager Austin said: “Our fish curry is Goa homemade flavor, specially selected meat very fine Basa fish.”

In the old house eating like crystal slippery Basa fish curry with the rice in India is particularly loose atmosphere, both the situation and the good taste of the restaurant, eat it stays there looking NT $ 200. Austin Featured dessert Serradura, he pointed out, Serradura is colonial Portuguese in Goa very popular dessert, but now rarely met in Goa, the restaurant owner’s grandmother recipe to stay, issued by the European cuisine do memories.Serradura tastes like Italian cheese. But more thick, dense, surface sprinkling of crumbs make richer taste.

Goa will be sticky, when returned to Taiwan and opened the trunk, sprang clothes stained with a variety of curry aroma ……. The thought has been away, but the taste has infiltrated cells, people never forget.

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