Panjiminn - WelcomeHeritage

A well-renowned place that still feels like a hidden gem

Review by author Marika McAdam
In an old area of Panjim was an old Hindu house. In the Hindu house was a courtyard. In the courtyard was an art gallery. In the art gallery was a spiral staircase. Up the spiral staircase was a room. In the room was one lucky bastard. Lifestyle magazine journalists and art couture photographers would do well to visit Panjim Pousada. The many angles of this multifarious building would grace the pages of any glossy. Your first impression is created at the mosaic entry, and the experience just gets better and better. The spiral staircases and solid wooden doors that lead to the rooms hint at the quality and class that lies therein. Colonial furniture graces each room and tastefully minimalist touches like shelves carved into the solid white walls also add character. The appropriation of this resplendent home from the well-to-do Hindu family was seemingly done without any of its former grace falling by the wayside.